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The permanent exhibition on display in Trenton is recognized at the World's Largest Collection of Porcelain Veilleuse-Theieres. The teapots on display are dated from 1750 to 1860.

In 1955, Dr. Freed began donated 525 teapots to the City of Trenton. The collection was given over a period of years. The teapots were initially on display in the lobby of the Peabody High School Auditorium. However, when a new Municipal Building was constructed, Dr. Freed has a special display case built to permanently house the treasures in the city council chambers. Now over 3,000 visitors annually come to the area to view the collection.

On these pages are 160 of the 525 that was selected to display on the web-site.  The pictures are large enough to get a good idea of their beauty but it not like seeing them up close in the display case in the Municipal Building.  If you get a chance to come to Trenton, please take the time to visit the World's Largest Collection of Porcelain Veilleuse-Theieres.  The admission is free to see the collection.

There is a catalog that shows all 525 teapots with description as shown on these pages.  The sequence of the teapots displayed on the web-site is by the assigned number of the teapot.

/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/442.jpgTeapot #442

Oval off white Victorian stand with conforming pot, blue floral decorations, crown-like

decorations on top.

Acquired in Florence











/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/445.jpgTeapot #445

Personage, Greek Goddess, off white crackle porcelain, crossed arms, spout on right of head,

floral decorations about waist and chest with embossed dainty floral decorations for handle to

pot and top of head around the spout.

Acquired in Florence








/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/446.jpgTeapot #446

Brown-red terra cotta earthenware with white medallions embossed on base and pot, very old.

Acquired in Gubbio, Italy










/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/447.jpgTeapot #447

Figurine, "Zouave Turkish Warrior" on gilded stand, white and gold jacket, blue cummerbund,

right hand to mustache, left hand holds cup which is the spout, knapsack on back.

Acquired in Paris












/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/449.jpgTeapot #449

Low, all white, large stand with gold band with two lion's heads embossed in relief on stand.

Acquired in Vienna







/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/451.jpgTeapot #451

Scenic views on both pot and base on a light tan background; base has square-cut scallops at

top; the small pot has a gold spout











/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/452.jpgTeapot #452

Figurine, seated "Chinese Mandarin" holding a blue and red cup which forms the spout; long

white jacket with gold trim; tan and brown striped pants; orange hat; long black mustache and

single chin whisker.









/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/453.jpgTeapot #453

Figurine, seated "Chinese Lady" wearing white and gold short kimono over magenta pantaloons,

a matching ornament decorates black coiffure; fan in right hand forms the spout. Companion to

No. 452.










/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/455.jpgTeapot #455

Delicate pink bands encircle the white, gold-trimmed pot and base; garlands in gold forma

chain under the bands of pink from which golden bells dangle. Note the unique finial.












/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/456.jpgTeapot #456

Maroon dominates the coloring of this conventional pot and base, with gold and white and floral

nosegays adding to its eye-appeal










/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/457.jpgTeapot #457

Tapering bulbous white pot and base with green medallions framed in gold displaying pictures

of ladies; four feet on the base and handle are fuchsia-colored.













/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/458.jpgTeapot #458

Chinese Pagoda with deep blue predominant in coloring; trimmed in white medallions outlined

in gold with floral centers; the overhanging roof is supported by gold and white twisted









/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/459.jpgTeapot #459

Squatty pot and base in white with fine gold lines used to trim both; handles on base which is

scalloped at top.









/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/460.jpgTeapot #460

Green bands encircle the white pot and base, gold trim on spout and finial; black lines on

green bands; feet on base and handle on spout are black.











/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/461.jpgTeapot #461

Figurine, "Lady of the Court", holding a fan; white wig adorned with pink-tipped feathers; tight

pink bodice and ruffled sleeves over a blue draped skirt, both full with gold trim; a little dog

looks up at the lady.












/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/463.jpgTeapot #463

Figurine, lady with upraised arms tying a scarf on head; pink overdress with green and orange

drape fastened with a blue buckle; white and gold harem pants and red shoes.










/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/464.jpgTeapot #464

Figurine, "Mermaid", in green and gold colors, with frogs' heads and seashells at base; folded

arms above head support shell-shaped pot around which a serpent is entwined to form handle

and spout of pot.













/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/465.jpgTeapot #465

Hexagonal pot and base, fluted at top of pot, scalloped at top of base; gold trim outlines each

panel in which delicate pink flowers enhance the overall beauty. French good evening, "Bon

Soir", traced in gold on pot









/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/466.jpgTeapot #466

A charming and unique conventional pot and base; all white background, gold trim with blue,

purple and magenta floral decoration, hinting at an Oriental touch.










/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/468.jpgTeapot #468

Rectangular pot and base in the form of a house in pale grey and white. Stairway at base leads

to second story. Green vines grow around arched double doors; windows shuttered in yellow

with black trim.








/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/469.jpgTeapot #469

All white porcelain with fine gold lines trimming the conventional pot and cylindrical base;

French words, "bon Soir" on pot, and "Bonne Nuit" on base in gold lettering.











/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/470.jpgTeapot #470

Dainty pot with unusual handle and finial, with "Buon Riposo" in Italian on pot; both pot and

base have white background with lavender flowers surrounded by gold sprays.









/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/471.jpgTeapot #471

Cylindrical base with conventional pot; all-over calico-like pink and blue floral design with gold

trim on pot and base; birds interspersed in the floral design.










/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/478.jpgTeapot #478

rectangular stand with ovoid pot; graceful lines on pot and handled base; both pot and base are

gleaming white porcelain with engraved medallions.










/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/481.jpgTeapot #481

Cupid on a Dolphin with white and gold wings, carrying a green shell-like pot with orange-red

handle; dolphin is blue and magenta on green base.












/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/486.jpgTeapot #486

Figurine, white haired "Comic Lady" with tan flat hat; tight pink bodice fitted over a full flared

skirt; front opening displays white; uplifted arm forms the spout of the teapot.











/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/487.jpgTeapot #487

Figurine, "Lady with a Mandolin", wears a gold and white border printed dress with a blue

draped sash; draped head-dress is topped with a green ball decoration.















/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/489.jpgTeapot #489

Figurine, lady with black hair, wearing a pink head-dress; seated on green base; green and

pink overskirt over gold speckled harem pants; bodice, matching pants, has blue sleeves.










/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/490.jpgTeapot #490

Figurine "Sultan's Lady", with black hair, holding a bird on wrist; bird is blue with deep pink

breast and long tail feathers; turban which forms the spout, matches the white and gold collared












/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/491.jpgTeapot #491

Blue shell-grained square stand with overhanging scalloped roof; teapot has white handles and

spout and forms turret to the house; floral trim on both base and pot.











/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/493.jpgTeapot #493

gold pot with white trim stands on matching cylindrical base around which is depicted a land

scene in green and brown with blue sky.









/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/494.jpgTeapot #494

White medallions, outlined in gold display floral sprays in pink, ;lavender, yellow and delft

blue with white and gold trim; delft blue predominates in pot and base.









/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/497.jpgTeapot #497

Tall pot and matching stand, predominantly blue with rope handles in white and gold, also

fringe around top of each; white and gold decorations are on sides of each in a lattice-like

pattern surrounded with flowers.










/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/498.jpgTeapot #498

A white background o this unusual pot and square ornate base shows oval pot with high handle

and animalistic spout, both with much fluting and draping outlined in blue and gold.








/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/500.jpgTeapot #500

Round base, hexagonal stand and pot; scalloped at top of both; white background, gold trim

with purple and yellow pansies in panels.

Acquired in Sevres, Paris








/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/501.jpgTeapot #501

Figurine, seated "Spanish Buccaneer", a flowing pink scarf around the black hat with blue and

orange plumes, forms the handle to the teapot; the deep colored and belted jacket is orange

worn over blue breeches; gauntlets and boots complete the attire.

see this teapot in our VR gallery









/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/514.jpgTeapot #514

Gothic Cathedral, intricately scalloped and ornamented with a rose window above the Gothic

double doors; has a pale green background with gold filigree decorations on both pot and

base; base has four spired parapet on corners. Signed Louis-Phillippe, 183






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