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The permanent exhibition on display in Trenton is recognized at the World's Largest Collection of Porcelain Veilleuse-Theieres. The teapots on display are dated from 1750 to 1860.

In 1955, Dr. Freed began donated 525 teapots to the City of Trenton. The collection was given over a period of years. The teapots were initially on display in the lobby of the Peabody High School Auditorium. However, when a new Municipal Building was constructed, Dr. Freed has a special display case built to permanently house the treasures in the city council chambers. Now over 3,000 visitors annually come to the area to view the collection.

On these pages are 160 of the 525 that was selected to display on the web-site.  The pictures are large enough to get a good idea of their beauty but it not like seeing them up close in the display case in the Municipal Building.  If you get a chance to come to Trenton, please take the time to visit the World's Largest Collection of Porcelain Veilleuse-Theieres.  The admission is free to see the collection.

There is a catalog that shows all 525 teapots with discription as shown on these pages.  The sequence of the teapots displayed on the web-site is by the assigned number of the teapot.

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/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots by Number/332.jpg


Teapot #332

Personage, "St. Vincent de Paul", Cyclamen robe and cape, scalloped white apron, gold trim, stands on round base, holds a baby in crotch of left arm, right arm raised, the sleeve is the spout. See No. 138.

Acquired in Florence










/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots by Number/334.jpg


Teapot #334

Rectangular stand, oval pot, rococo, highly decorated with panels of roses and gilding, other panels rose pompadour. Vieux Paris.

Acquired in Paris








 /files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/335.jpg

 Teapot #335

Figurine, grotesque, peasant nursing a baby she supports in her arms, white bonnet, orange bodice blue and black striped skirt, pale pink apron.

Acquired in Provence










/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/336.jpg


Teapot #336

Hexagonal, three rose pink panels, three larger panels depicting a rape, a maid with a baby and an aged father turning the daughter and child away, gold pot hand painted, Gothic decorations. See No. 309.

Acquired in Nice








/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/337.jpg


Teapot #337

Tall, bulging base, white background, embossed with heavy gold wreath near top, delicate pink, black and gold stripes around center of stand and conforming pot.

Acquired in Montpellier









/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/338.jpg


Teapot #338

Figurine, Princess de Bainviller, all white, lady with hands on hips, skirt spread open at hem and three infants concealed there. (Louis XVI).

Acquired in Paris







/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/339.jpg


Teapot #339

Octagonal, Gothic, gold magenta and blue with eight panels; panels on stand depicting Napoleon and his African campaign. Unusual, very fine porcelain.

Acquired in Corsica









/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/341.jpg


Teapot #341

Figurine "Mermaid", with frog's heads and shells at base; folded arms above head support shell-shaped pot; serpent around pot forms handle and spout, highly colored.

Acquired in Gibraltar










/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/343.jpgTeapot #343

rectangular, white lithophane with gold columns, rococo; panels are Christ on the Cross, the Last supper, Madonna and Child, and a Cathedral. Signed J.P. Very rare.

Acquired in Rome








/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/344.jpg


Teapot #344

Figurine, "Mandarin", polychrome, black mustache; holds cup (the spout) in left upraised hand, stands on gold base.

Acquired in Florence














/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/345.jpg


Teapot #345

Tall, cylindric, white with gold decorations on stand, gold pot. Vessel insert between stand and pot for hot water.

Acquired in Paris











/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/346.jpg



 Teapot #346

Figurine, man behind square pot, five figures of children around base, many gay colors, blue predomininating. Signed Jacob Petit.

Acquired in Brussels








/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/347.jpg


Teapot #347

Rectangular, with gold pot, base 3/4 inch high gold banded with white top, stand gold bordered panels. Sevres blue background dotted with gold stars. Each panel features a bust in bas relief (lithophane), Napoleon 1st, Josephine, The Dauphin and Cardina

Acquired in Paris




/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/348.jpg




 Teapot #348

Conventional, with side handles to stand, insert for hot water, conforming pot, sky blue and white; balloons on stand and pot and inscription telling of first balloon ascensions. Signed V. Verlac 1835.

Acquired in Paris





/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/349.jpg


 Teapot #349

Figurine, man and woman, Turkish colorful costumes, she holds a black mask in left hand; man's hat is spout; magenta great cape covers them both in back, rococo base.

Acquired in Berne









/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/350.jpgTeapot #350

Figurine, "Madonna with Clasped Hands", an angel on her lap, three angel heads at the gold banded base. Sketched in "Steamboat Gothic", by Frances Parkinson Keyes.

Acquired in Paris











/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/351.jpg


Teapot #351

Chinese red background with black Egyptian figures and mythological designs; on bulbous stand; pot encrusted with blue raised dots.

Acquired in Cannes







 /files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/352.jpg


 Teapot #352

White background with much floral decorations, boy and girl on stand and pot, she dressed in pink. "Contal Manoir de Mont Salvy."

Acquired in Paris










/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/358.jpg


 Teapot #358

Highly decorated pot, embossed, supported on three straw covered upright legs, magenta, blue and gold decorated base with godet exposed. Pot marked 2.T.LS.

Acquired in Monte Carlo







/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/359.jpg


 Teapot #359

Brown with medallions on three floriated feet, globular
stand with white collar, conforming pot, some gilding.

Acquired in Rome










 /files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/364.jpg

Teapot #364

Low bulging stand, on three feet, side handles and collar, egg shaped pot, white background with blue onion pattern.

Acquired in Limoges





/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/366.jpgTeapot #366

Stand with turret top sets in gold base, gold pot, black, gold, pink and blue decorations on stand, old. Very fine porcelain.

Acquired in Paris







 /files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/368.jpg

Teapot #368

Conventional shape, gold base, forest green beaded top to stand, gold pot; stand is lithophane.

Acquired in Lisbon, Portugal








 /files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/373.jpg

Teapot #373

Stand on four gold and white leafy feet, gold collar on stand, side handles, green and gold embossed leafy pattern conforming pot.

Acquired in Poitiers











 /files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/376.jpg

Teapot #376

Hexagonal with conforming pot, two large panels, green and gold garlands, four narrow end panels, variegated colors and gay as is base and top portion of stand. See No. 19.

Acquired in Nimes










 /files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/377.jpg

Teapot #377

Hexagonal, conforming pot, buff with large panels in white, Chinese characters and green decorations, pagoda and plants, pot has same panels and decorations, arabesque gold spout and handle. See No. 19.

Acquired in London









/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/378.jpgTeapot #378

Quadrangular, grey, green and sand colored Normandy house, brown roof, dormer windows. Spout of pot protruding, upright handle on back forms the chimney, tree growing up side of house and above the steps, sitting duck on base. See No. 108 and No. 193.

Acquired in Beaune






/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/379.jpgTeapot #379

Cylindrical, white background, paintings of windmill, a balloon, church, trees, a man and couple on stand, couple and woman on pot.

Acquired in Dijon









/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/380.jpgTeapot #380

Conventional, gold lines, comic black figures of man and woman on stand and woman with brook chasing man on pot.

Acquired in Rome





/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/381.jpg


Teapot #381

unique shape, fluted collar and extension at bottom of stand, rests on round bottom, conforming pot with high top and finial.

Acquired in Tours










/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/382.jpg












/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/383.jpg













/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/384.jpg


Teapot #384

Cylindrical, white background with garlands of blue and white floral decorations, "Bon Soir, Bonne Nuit", blue band around stand and bottom of pot.

Acquired in Tours








/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/385.jpg


Teapot #385

Rococo style, white and gold bottom of scalloped stand, also top of stand and pot, painting on stand, girl reading letter, dove of peace near by, house and trees painting on pot.

Acquired in Paris








/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/386.jpg


Teapot #386

Traditional, white background, gold hearts with pink roses surrounded by gold lines, long spout, pot same decorations.

Acquired in Turin







/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/387.jpg


Teapot #387

Traditional, royal blue stand and pot with gold spout and handle, white and pink flowers, gold leaves, white embossed dots on stand.

Acquired in Bologna






/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/388.jpg


Teapot #388

Tapering stand, turret top, white rectangular panels, floral decorations embossed in white, rampant lions and shield "Vitrus" in one panel with crest. Copy. D'ancien Lowestoft Musee D'Utrecht.

Acquired in Pisa







/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/389.jpg


Teapot #389

Gold base, beaded top stand, white pot with gold lines. Polish battle scene, fine painting, thin porcelain, translucent.

Acquired in Toulouse








/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/390.jpg


Teapot #390

Cylindrical, greyish brown turret top stand, picture on stand three hunters, three dogs, a wild animal, trees, a house and river.

Acquired in Nice








/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/391.jpg


Teapot #391

Cylindrical, white background, pink lines and decorations, green and pink garlands form wreaths on stand and pot. "Bon Soir, Bonne Nuit" in gold within wreaths.

Acquired in Avignon










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