Mayor's Office

Mayor's Office   



  Name  Position    E-Mail Address   Phone 
 Ricky Jackson   Mayor  855-2013
 Richard Gossum   City Attorney  None  855-0681
 Leigh Ann Renolds   City Recorder &
   Book Keeper  855-2013
 Chris Cobb   Mayor's Office  855-2013
  Marie Cox   Mayor's Office  855-2013
  Leigh Ann Renolds   Book Keeper  855-2013



  Ricky Jackson - Mayor of Trenton, TN

Ricky Jackson is currently Mayor of Trenton.  He was elected in November of 2014.  He is a life-long resident of Trenton, TN.  He graduated from Peabody High School and continued his education at Dyersburg State Community College.  He served on the City Council for 19 years before being sworn in as Mayor.   

He was employed and retired from the TN Army National Guard after serving 29 years with 24 of those years being full-time in Trenton and Jackson, TN. 

Ricky has a son Chris and two grandchildren, Julie and Carter.  He and his family attend Union Methodist Church.

The mayor says that while the economy is on an upward trend, he is always searching for good job opportunities for citizens of Trenton, Gibson Co. and West TN.  We are close to the Mega-site in Brownsville and the Gibson Co Industrial Park in Humboldt and if either of those parks could secure an industry, then maybe Gibson Co and Trenton could reap some benefits in industrial as well as retail. 




  Leigh Ann Renolds -
      City Recorder &    Book Keeper
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  Chris Cob - Mayor's Office    /files/Mayor's Office/Mayors Office Staff/Criss Cobb.JPG
  Marie Cox - Mayor's Office   /files/Mayor's Office/Mayors Office Staff/Marie Cox.jpg