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Fair Housing Statements

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Other Information about The City of Trenton 


The City Hall has a pamphlet on the Teapot Collection and Villa Freed. 
We now refer to it as the Freed House.  This pamphlet is free and
so is the tour of the Teapots. 
Link to selected pages of this pamphlet.



The annual Teapot Festival will be held the week of April 28th through May 4th. 2019. 



The city park is located on Manufacturers Row.  It includes four baseball fields, tennis courts, two playgrounds, two picnic areas and a walking track.  To rent the pavilions at the playgrounds you may call Trenton City Hall at (731) 855-2013.  You can pick up a pamphlet at City Hall.

Click here to see the Front or the pamphlet and two Maps of Shady Acres Park.



Trenton has several tourist attractions.  The Gibson County Courthouse was completed in 1901 and was listed on the National Register in 1976.  Trenton City Hall houses the world's largest collection of night light teapots.  The collection was donated to our city by Dr. Frederick Freed.  The Freed family home which was also donated to the city is another historical site.  Trenton First Methodist Church is the oldest church in Trenton.  It is over 200 years old.  Rose Dale Manor is a beautiful bed and breakfast that is located next to city hall.  Gibson County Lake is located about 5 minutes outside of Trenton.



Police Department                       855-1413    located in city hall   309 S College St.

Fire Department                           855-0522    located in city hall   309 S College St.

Building Inspector                        855-7663     located in city hall   309 S College St.

Trenton Light and Water              855-1561    109 W Armory St.

Gibson County Gas Utility Dist   855-1441    1300 N Highway 45 By Pass


POPULATION (as of 2010 Census)

The city of Trenton's population is 4,264.



The city tax rate is 1.72.



The local government is made up of a mayor and 6 aldermen.

Trenton Special School District
Peabody High School



Children Day Care Centers  (4)

Adult Day Care Centers  (4)



Baptist (4)

Methodist (1)

Presbyterian (1)                           

Church of Christ (2)

Assembly of God (1)

Non-Denominational (1)

Pentecostal (2)



Trenton Light and Water

Gibson County Utility District



Trenton Spec Building
Industrial Sites Avaliable in Trenton



Fed Ex Ground

Five M Apparel

Gibson Farmers Co-op

Kellwood Distributing Center

King Technologies

Quebecor World

Trenton Light and Water

Gibson Electric

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Some homes located in the Historic District are:
   Rosedale Manor, 405 S. College;
Pecan Place, 503 College Street;
Crim House, 304 S High:
The Freed House, 317 East Eaton; and
Century House, 1012 College Street.

/files/Historic Homes/College-405 College St.jpg

405 S. College   St

Rosedale Manor B&B                
   Rosedale Manor was built in 1868 by Reverend Matthew Martin Marshall of Fredricksburg, Va. Who moved to Trenton with his wife and six Daughters to accept the position of minister at the First Presbyterian Church for an annual salary of $600.  Marshall served for only eight Years before his death in 1874 at the age of 70.  Rosedale remained in the family for five generations.  Many beautiful memories were made  Here but some very unhappy days lay ahead for this Trenton family.  Marshall's granddaughter, Eliza McEwen, wed attorney Quinton Rankin,  Rosedale.  Visitors here discover the fascinating story of how legal partners, land acquisition, Reelfoot Lake and the Night Riders all added  And made their home here at up to MURDER.  Rosedale underwent a year-long remodeling by Widow Rankin in the early 1900's to create the grand appearance you see  today.  Rosedale Manor became Gibson County's first licensed Bed & Breakfast in 2001.  Owner/ Operators Kenny & Sherry Vaughn and Margie Lee offer intimate elegance at its finest and delight in pampering their guests.              

/files/Historic Homes/College-503 College St.jpg
503 College St.
Pecan Place                
   The house known as "Pecan Place" is actually two houses attached to each other.  The original house was built in 1846 by Henry Lucas Elder.             
   A house-sized addition which faced College Street was built in 1893 by Henry's son, Horace McClung Elder.  The addition is a custom design              
   By Knoxville architect, George F. Barber and is a Queen Anne style Victorian with Eastlake details.  Because of the pecan trees abundant on              
   The property, Horace named the new house "Pecan Place."  Interior details original to the house include beautiful hardwood floors and             
   Parquet inlay of Tennessee native hardwoods, carved mantles, solid brass hardware, oak trim and pocket doors along with several stained             
   Glass windows.  Samples of the original pre-1893 wallpaper and pre-Civil War construction methods can be seen in the dining room which is              
   Currently undergoing repairs. 

/files/Historic Homes/High-304 High St-Summer.jpg
304 S. High St.

The Crim House                
   The Crim House was built in 1831 by Dr. W.W. Lea.  Dr. Lea began his practice of medicine in Nashville and located in Eaton before coming to Trenton to practice medicine and build this home.  The original structure of the home was of the type of architecture known as antebellum that many of Trenton's early homes had with two narrow front porches upstairs and downstairs with a great deal of gingerbread work between the many pillars that supported them.  Mr. Lewis Oppenheimer, son of Trenton's first Mayor Mr. Meyer Oppenheimer sold the home to Mr. W.E. Birmingham Sr.  Mr. Brimingham was responsible for the remodeling which led to the present appearance of the home.              
  It was sold to Mr. & Mrs. Parker Crim in the late 1920's where they raised their four children: Dudley, Thurman, Perry Day and Evelyn.             
    Mr. & Mrs. Perry Day Crim continued to reside in the home and raise their children here.  

/files/Historic Homes/Century House 001.JPG
Century House   
   Century House is a white two-story turn-of-the-century house built circa 1912 by Mr. W.H. Dodd, who was a prominent businessman in  Trenton.   Mr. Dodd owned a large lumber company near the square downtown.  The 3200 square foot house sits on a large two acre  Lot.  The architectural style is described as Southern country.  The graceful home is currently owned by Bob and Susie Ferguson who  Inherited the home from her parents Attorney General William Kinton and wife Billie.  The Ferguson's recently refurbished it with a  Copper cupola over the front bay window,  new double hung windows, and insulation.  All of the floors are original hardwood.             


/files/Historic Homes/Freed 004.JPG

Villa Freed
   "Villa Freed" is the name given to Dr. Freed's boyhood home in the early 1900's.  The land on which the Freed home was built was the site of the  First school for girls in Gibson County.  It was incorporated in 1852 as a private school and called the Odd Fellow Female Collegiate Institute.    During the Civil War, the school was seized by Federal troops and used as a hospital and campground.  Before the troops left, they burned all of  The buildings.  After the war, Mr. Julius Freed bought the land and built this house for his family.  Dr. Freed was one of the 11 children raised in this home.  Two of his sisters, Helen Rose and Katherine, ran the home while 4 brothers ran the family dry goods store known locally as J. Freed and Sons.  The home was willed to the City of Trenton as a memorial to Julius and Henrietta Freed.